Early feedback  £90

For writers wanting early comments on the general idea, structure and plot of their novel. You will need to submit a fairly complete outline of the story, notes on characters and some examples of dialogue.

Submission feedback  £125

Feedback service on the first 5000 words of your novel plus a one-page synopsis. This gives invaluable insight into the impact a standard submission might have on an agent or publisher and offers suggestions for improvements. 

Structural edit  £750

Also known as a development edit. This is a detailed read and edit of your manuscript with comments throughout, plus a separate report covering the strength/originality of the idea, structure, character, style, plot, dialogue and much more!

Structural edit and talk-through  £820

For a detailed read and edit as above, plus Skype/Facetime or regular phone call OR one (up to three hour) face-to-face meeting in central London

Most people find that the meeting or call add hugely to what they take away from the editing process. Recommended, if your budget allows.

Please see How It Works for a breakdown of the process.

Send in your enquiry to arrange an exploratory chat.